As I have mentioned before I have an obscene amount of fake flowers. I love them and I always seem to pick them up everywhere for cheap. Recently however after working on a garden themed centerpiece for the HHI fundraiser my flowers got a little out of hand so I tried to find a way to organize the chaos, but as usually I am allergic to spending too much money. I found a couple of different options at Dollar Tree so I bought one of each kind to try them out. I wanted to be able to see what I was organizing (otherwise I would have seriously gone the trash bag route)

Essentials Jumbo Blanket Storage Bag

Dollar Tree Storage Bag Test

This one was a hard “no.” I wouldn’t even use this for storing blankets.  The material was beyond thin and zipper seemed suspect.  The one I got was already ripped when I opened it up.

Stor-It Vaccum Storage Bag

Dollar Tree Storage Bag Test

This one was surprisingly sturdy and actually did the trick. The plastic zipper thing was solid and the actually held really well.  I will most definitely be using it for other storage needs around the house but it didn’t suit my needs for my flowers because I didn’t want to squish them down.

Stor-It Storage Bag with Handles

Dollar Tree Storage Bag Test

Hot Dog!!  We have a wiener… I mean winner!!  I love love love these things.  So much that I went back and dropped a cool $10 on 10 more boxes!!  Like the previous stor-it bag the zipper was solid… almost too good because I had to get in there with my nails to open it.  The plastic was thicker than I expected.  The large bags come in boxes of TWO! That is 50 cents a bag folks! That is a deal!

I was able to organize my flowers by color. As you can see (under the table) my Christmas flowers are ready to be put out for the season but I will be getting more of these bags for storing my Christmas decorations.  This brand also have an XXL size bag (only 1 to a box though… bummer) but they look to be big enough to fit my Christmas wreaths.  I will probably do that because digging through my wreaths is like sticking my arms in a box of porcupines.

Dollar Tree Bag Test and Fake Flower Organization