I have found a lot of cute fall decor ideas for the around the house.  One that I really liked was this pin that I found.


I wanted to recreate this look on a budget (because that is how I roll).  So I found a couple of great items. First I got this planter from Dollar General.  They were having a final sale on there already marked down summer items. When the school supplies start hitting the shelf that is when you need to watch for those marked down summer items like gardening supplies, pool supplies… etc.  This planter was originally $6 but with the discounts it was only $2.25!!! SCORE!!

fall decor centerpiece

Then I grabbed a Styrofoam wreath from Dollar Tree for $1

fall decor centerpiece

The majority of my budget went toward the flowers and foliage. Despite my impressive collection of fake flowers I only had those vibrant spring colors. I found a couple fall leaf bushes at a garage sale for 50 cents and the rest I got from Dollar Tree.  I spent around $9-10 total for the flowers.

fall decor centerpiece fall decor centerpiece

Now if you are going to go the Dollar Tree route for fake flower be sure to COUNT the flowers. Most of them come 5 to a bunch and I really hate getting them home and finding one of these…  🙁

fall decor centerpiece

I got super lucky and I found some really nice quality craft pumpkins at my local thrift store.  They had some sticky foam silly faces on them and so they were only $2.49 each!!!  There was actually a whole family of them so I bought them all!  Not all of them survived the stick face removal process but all things considered I think I got a pretty good deal on them 🙂

craft pumpkin fall decorcraft pumpkin fall decor craft pumpkin fall decor

So here is the finished product!  It is close enough to the real thing for me 🙂 I spent approximately $15 on the whole thing and it was really fun to make 🙂 🙂 🙂

fall decor centerpiece

Here is the inspiration pin