This is a centerpiece that I made for the Healing Hands International fundraiser tea. (Side note: If you haven’t heard of HHI they are doing amazing work all over the place helping people get access to water and building their own sustainable food gardens. I just think they are doing really great work.  You can check them out here.)

The theme was “Garden of Hope” and there was a prize for best table decoration so I pulled out all the stops. First thing I did was grab some Quick Tube which I had left over from when we did our fence.  It is used for the setting fence posts in cement. I honestly don’t remember how much a full length of it costs.

Garden Theme Centerpiece

I covered it in a green towel I found at Goodwill for a couple of bucks. Here I used hot glue to adhere it to the tube. Also I cut out a circle of foam board for the bottom because I wanted to add weight to it in the middle (so it didn’t fall on anyone at the fundraiser).

Garden Theme Centerpiece

Unintentional middle finger

Garden Theme Centerpiece

The little picket fence I made out of large craft popsicle sticks / tongue depressors. White ribbon gave it some flexibility so that I could wrap it around the tube.

Garden Theme Centerpiece 20161014_214508 Garden Theme Centerpiece Garden Theme Centerpiece

The table “cloth” I used was an outdoor faux turf carpeting that I found. I probably spent way too much on it but I really didn’t want to go with a plastic table cloth. I wanted it to feel like the ground. Pinning my fabric measuring tape to the center of it I could cut a 60″ radius. I only need to measure a couple of dozen times to get it right.

Garden Theme Centerpiece Garden Theme Centerpiece  Garden Theme Centerpiece

Then I just arranged my flowers in a starburst pattern around the tube.  Some dollar tree butterflies looked really great on wires around the piece.

Garden Theme Centerpiece

The final touch was some acrylic beads/gems that I hung from the spout of the water can to give the appearance to water flowing out.  I got the beads from the bridal department at Hobby Lobby.  It came in a long garland string. I just hooked it in with some wire. The water can came from Lowe’s.

Garden Theme Centerpiece

And that’s how I did it 🙂 Probably could have done things differently but I had only a few days to throw this together since I heard about it last minute. I am already working on next years theme though so hopefully I will put out something better.

Garden Theme Centerpiece Garden Theme Centerpiece Garden Theme Centerpiece