I forgot to get a “before” picture of this bad boy. I had already unloaded half of the contents of the pantry before even thinking about it.  By then there was no going back. I freshened up the white paint of the shelves as they were kind of gross from previous owners. Then I painted a darker gray color on the walls for contrast. I liked the gray because it didn’t clash with the red of the kitchen.

pantry-makeover-2 pantry-makeover-3

One of my concerns in the pantry was the corner bits always had things hiding back there that had been expired for decades so in order to keep those things from migrating back into the crevasses I put some functionally decorative things in the corners to prevent items from finding their way back there. It also gives the pantry a little extra style.  And YES I did put a fake plant in the pantry… because why not??

pantry makeover mason jars pantry makeover mason jars pantry makeover mason jars

I just used jars that I had around and had been collecting for a while. Some of them I was already using for food storage.  I wanted them to have a uniform look so I spray painted the lids with chalk board spray paint.  I used coffee filters so I could spray the whole lid and not have to tape them up.  Maybe there was a better way to do it… but oh well.

It doesn’t seem like much but it took me a better part of a week to finish.

pantry makeover